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January 29, 2019

5 Basic Reasons Why every Business needs to have a Website

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Having a website has become increasingly vital for businesses today than ever before, and it’s not hard to see why. However there are still a large number of businesses that do not have a website, thereby missing out on the fantastic benefits a basic website can offer. In this article we are looking at EMH’s top 5 reasons why your business should have a website.

Our first reason to having a website is it is open 24/7. Imagine how you could increase revenue if you were able to offer your services to your customers 24/7, or be available when a customer needs you.. It is a fact now that due to our increasingly busy lifestyle with work and our other commitments taking a lot of our time, most consumers are left with no time to go out and get what we need. Because of this trend, consumers are now looking for convenient ways to search for that product or service they are looking to buy. Having a business website therefore your prospective clients are able to access your product or service when round the clock.

Today’s Customer likes to know what they are getting into before buying a product or service. This means customers are doing a lot more online research. Having a website is a great way to getting more traffic to your business as customer can research and get to know more about your products and you as a company, even if they do not make an immediate purchase from your business at their first visit, they will most often have become more familiar to your website and your services which may lead to a future purchases. Not having a website will cause you to lose out on such potential online business. It is said that 85% of people search for local businesses online According to a survey conducted by yelp.

Having a Website is much cheaper than having a physical premises well as having much more advantages. Having a website can knock down barriers to entry and kick-start your dream of running a legitimate business. Without the costs of rent, staff and other overheads etc. It allows for a greater spending on advertisement or just having more money in your pocket.

Having website will allow you to reach a larger audience across the world. The online shopping industry is expected to grow to 320bn in the next 3 years. Having a website will also lead to further economies of scale. Simply put if you want to a share of the ever growing online consumer then it is essential you have a website for your business.

Finally a website isn’t always for e-commerce, it is a place where you can show off your work or projects to the world, a business website gives us a louder voice to a bigger crowd.
These are our top 5 reasons why you need a to have a website for your business. Remember getting online with your business website has become easier and cheaper than ever before. We at EMH Global have in the past 12years been assisting businesses with professional website design and development that has brought them great results.t. If this has inspired you to start looking into creating a website for yourself or business, contact our experienced web design consultants and get help launch your business website today


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